Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways in which experts and those wishing to recover sharks and rays can collaborate with SARRI. 

Firstly, do join the SARRI expert community by registering on our website to keep in touch and gain access to our SARRI Toolkit, resources, future webinars, and training workshops. This will also keep you updated on our plans to create an interactive online platform for the community. 

If your government or organization is already working to recover threatened sharks and rays or would like to start doing that and is interested in a more direct and involved partnership with SARRI, please contact us to discuss how we can work together. Please note that we are focusing our efforts to build expertise and recovery efforts outside developed countries. 

Unfortunately, this is not something that SARRI will be able to offer at this stage. We may be able do so in the future if we can find a financial backer.

SARRI will focus on recovering some of the most threatened shark and ray populations in their last remaining global refuges, and where support is needed most.

SARRI will be finalizing the initial site selection process soon - stay tuned. In the meantime, you can learn more about the site selection process here.


SARRI is the latest response to save some of the most threatened sharks and rays from extinction.

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