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Let’s come together as a community of shark and ray conservation practitioners to recover the most threatened species before it’s too late.

Reversing the alarming shark and ray population declines on a global scale is an enormous task. It will take a huge collaboration of people like you working across many sites to tackle the extinction threat head-on. While SARRI provides a methodology for doing so that should be suitable for over 100 of the most threatened rays and sharks, deploying it will require for a community of conservationists to rally round at a scale never seen before. 

Join SARRI's Online Expert Community and Access Tools

Whether you work for the government, a university, a research centre, a conservation organisation, in tourism or live in a community near a potential site, we would love to start a conversation with you. While we are not able to provide funding at this time, the SARRI Toolkit and approach are made freely available, and training will be provided periodically. Just as importantly, we will be establishing an online platform so that a community of practitioners like you can come together to share, exchange ideas, and learn from experts and those already actively engaged in recovery efforts.

At this time the benefits that you can enjoy by joining with us include:

Access to our Critical Habitats Guide to help identify the areas that will need protection to recover sharks and rays
Possibility of focusing your conservation efforts with our list of focal species best suited to the SARRI approach
Opportunity to learn from the challenges and successes from our bank of global case studies
Expert access to our growing SARRI Toolkit
Access to the SARRI team
Free workshops and training in the future


Please join us on this urgent mission to save sharks and rays today.

SARRI has been designed to reverse the alarming shark and ray population declines on a global scale. We understand the enormity of the task. It will take a joint effort by governments, experts, private sector, but also communities and individuals in order to succeed. We need to all come together as a community of shark and ray enthusiasts to recover these animals before it is too late.

Your contributions will help stop extinctions and recover some of the most threatened sharks and rays by protecting their last remaining hotspots around the world. At the same time, you will help improve the livelihoods of people who live in these places and depend on our ocean.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to bring sharks and rays back from the brink. 


No matter where you are in the world, you have a part to play in saving sharks and rays. The way you eat, shop, travel, and even spend your free time can have a huge impact. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Be a responsible marine enthusiast

If you dive, snorkel, or simply spend your holidays by the sea, make sure you use responsible tourism operators, which help to conserve the oceans, protect its wildlife, and benefit local communities.

Don’t catch sharks or rays

If you fish, avoid catching sharks and rays. If you catch any by accident, please release them safely back into the water.

Avoid shark or ray products

As much as you can, avoid buying or consuming shark or ray products

Eat sustainably

Choose sustainable seafood if you have access to such products. Remember, the seafood choices you make can have a big impact on our oceans - including sharks and rays.

Learn which species are protected

Learn why sharks and rays are important, which species are protected where you live, and help to educate others.

Become a citizen scientist

Submit your shark or ray sightings to us, especially of the most threatened species! Whether you spot such a species when diving, in a fishing port, or at a market, please let us know. All information is invaluable and can help protect these animals!

Encourage businesses to buy sustainably

Tell the brands you buy and shops you frequent to source seafood sustainably.

Become a shark and ray champion

Urge your local politicians to support science-based shark and ray conservation initiatives, such as SARRI

Spread the word

Help to spread the word by sharing news about SARRI with all of your friends.

Follow SARRI's Recovery Mission

Join our global movement to recover sharks and rays.


SARRI is the latest response to save some of the most threatened sharks and rays from extinction.

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